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Saute 1 medium chopped onion and 1 clove garlic, minced in 2 tablespoons oil until limp. Add: Simmer slowly, stir occasionally for 1 hour. Makes ...
Tuna Stuffed Pasta Shells
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Preheat oven to 350. Prepare a 11 x 7" baking pan with cooking spray; set aside. Prepare pasta shells according to package directions; drain. To ...
Monkfish Tails Piperade
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* Note: See the "Fresh Tomato Fondue" recipe which is included in this collection. Wash, halve, stem and seed the peppers, and cut into very...
Chili Barbecued Beef
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Date: Wed, 01 May 1996 07:42:49 -0700 From: (Carey Starzinger) Marinade: Combine cumin, chili powder and cinnamon in sma...
Fried Noodles (Chaau Min)
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1. Precook noodles. 2. Heat wok. Add peanut oil and ginger. Stir fry 1 minute until oil is aromatic. 3. Add meat, bean sprouts, and g...
Aceitunas Rellenas - Stuffed Olives
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Drain olives and stuff with the anchovy fillets. Combine the other ingredients, except parsley; pour over the olives and marinate over-night. Mi...
Potato-Veggie Hash
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Cut into 1/4 in dice Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add diced potatoes and cook until just tender, 4-5 mins. Drain; place in a bowl. Pour broth in...
Red Currant-Glazed Pork Chops
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Trim fat from chops. Sprinkle with sage, pepper and salt on both sides of chops. Coat a non-stick skillet with cooking spray, place over medium h...
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Brown ground beef in skillet. Remove all but 2 - 3 tables of fat. Move meat to the side and mix in flour until smooth and brown. Add milk, salt...
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Place rice sticks in a large bowl; pour boiling water over to cover noodles. Let stand until tender to bite (about 30 minutes); drain well and ...
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