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1995 2nd Place Brown Butter Maple Spritz
Added by 123EasyAsPie

1. To brown the butter, melt butter in a small, heavy saucepan over low heat. When fully melted, increase heat to medium and cook, stirring cons...
Talapeno Jelly
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Six 1/2 pints Place chiles and peppers in a blender and puree until finely chopped. Combine the puree and vinegar, bring to a boil over ...
White Holiday Fudge
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Butter a 9 x 13-inch baking pan; set aside. In a heavy 4-quart saucepan, combine cream, corn syrup, butter and sugar. Place over medium heat and ...
Orzo with Shrimp And Feta
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Bring water for pasta to a boil over high heat. While water heats, combine chicken broth, wine and lemon peel in a 2 - 3 qt pan. Cover and bring to...
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Stem the eggplants and cut each into half, lengthwise. Cut each half crosswise, into 4 chunks. In covered saucepan, simmer chunks in water to c...
Marinated Shark Steaks
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minced green onions and parsley (TIP): Fish should be cooked only until it flakes easily. Check it often to prevent overcooking, which will...
Red-Simmered Pork with Mushrooms
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1. Cut pork in 2-inch cubes and place with water in a heavy pan. Bring to a boil, then simmer, covered, 30 minutes. Drain, reserving liquid. ...
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1. Heat oven to 425 degrees. Grease 12 muffin cups. 2. Combine flour, milk, mayonnaise in medium bowl. Stir just till dry ingredients are mo...
Fresh Honeycomb Tripe
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Read "About Tripe". Trim, wash, soak, wash and drain the tripe. Cut it into 2" squares. In a heavy pot with a tight fitting lid add enough water...
Simple Fish in Foil
Added by 123EasyAsPie

1. Place each frozen fish fillet in the center of a piece of foil, 12 X 18 inches. 2. Combine dill and lemon juice. Drizzle over fillets. 3. ...
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