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Simple Garlic Bread
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Preheat broiler. Slice loaf of bread lengthwise and butter both halves. Sprinkle garlic salt and grated cheese on both halves. Place under broiler...
Nancy's Tasty Low-Fat Beans
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Wash and sort the beans, soak beans overnight in water. Drain and rince the beans and place in pressure cooker. In a food processor, chop the ve...
Smoked Salmon with Caviar on a Crisp Potato Pancake
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Toss grated potatoes in 1/4 pound (1 stick) melted butter. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Heat 2 nonstick pans over high heat until ne...
Szechuan Pepper Fish
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Crush the peppercorns coarsely in a mortar and pestle. (Or wrap in a small piece of plastic wrap and crush with a heavy pan.)... Stir together the ...
Dahl Palak (Spinach and Split Peas)
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Soak split peas in 2 cups water 1 hour. Add turmeric and 1/2 ts salt to split peas. Boil 10 mins in same water used to soak peas. Ad...
Oakville Grocery's Spanish Olive Mix
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Check specialty food markets for Spanish olives such as Arbequina, Manzanilla and Farga Aragon. If you can't find them, substitute other unpitte...
Roasted Red Pepper and Chive Dressing
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Hold red pepper over a flame, turning it until evenly charred. Or cut it in half, rub with oil, and place under the broiler until blackened. Wr...
Basic Egg Ravioli Dough
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Pour the flour into a mound on a flat working surface. Make a depression in the center with your hand that almost reaches through to the board....
Bean Guacamole
Added by 123EasyAsPie

Use any kind of bean for this recipe (black beans don't do as well, however): white, navy, pea, pinto, garbanzo, kidney. If you don't want to ...
Fruity Hot Sauce
Added by 123EasyAsPie

In a medium nonreactive saucepan, combine the cantaloupe, shallots, chile and sugar. Boil over high heat until most of the liquid has evaporated...
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