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Spanish Tortilla
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In Spain, a tortilla is a peasant potato omlette. It is usually eaten at room temperature, and is standard picnic food. It's cooked in a medium ...
Tequila Sunrise
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Pour tequila and orange juice over ice in tall glass. Add grenadine, which will form layer at bottom of glass. (C) 1992 The Los Angeles Time...
Turkey Breakfast Sausage
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Mix all ingredients thoroughly with a spoon or your hands; shape into patties or links and brown in a skillet, or use as bulk sausage in recipes. ...
Hanukkah Cookies
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1. In bowl, add ingreds in order stated, mixing well after each addition (you can do it in a processor too). 2. Using half of dough at once,...
Healthy Inbetweens
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Peel cucumbers. Cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out seeds. Cut the boat shaped lengths into 2 inch chunks. Quarter tomatoes, scoop out see...
Caramelized Onion Dip
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Saute onion in butter and oil until caramelized (golden brown), about 20 minutes. Cool and combine the remaining ingredients. Mix well and chill fo...
Cherries To My Darling Topping
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Drain filling/topping in sieve over medium-size bowl. Use some of sauce to sandwich cake layers together. Stir together cherries and almond extract...
Crunchy Granola Bars
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Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In large saucepan, over low heat, melt Fleischmann's margarine, brown sugar and honey, stirring constantly. Remove ...
Sandi Bowman's Egg Noodles
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Make a "well" with flour. Add all ingredients. Fill each 1/2 egg shell with milk and add milk. Stir in and gradually mix in rest of the flour. ...
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Recipe by: Ana Kurland Saute shallot in the butter, covered, for 5 min. add wine and thyme and reduce until only abo...
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